Shafiq Ahmad Ansari remembered on his birth anniversary

Najibabd (UP): Prominent social activists, scholars, dignitaries and people of different faiths gathered here to pay homage to late Shafiq Ahmad Ansari, former president of UP Momin Conference on his 84th birth anniversary.

To highlight his contribution to the community and weaker section of the society, a seminar was organized on 18th September 2010 at Qasmia Inter College in Najibabad.

The speakers at the Conference expressed the need to introduce the new generation to the legacy of the late activist so that it can adopt his way to serve the humanity.

One of the speakers, Mr. Harpal Singh, former DGC, Bijnor, talked about different aspects of Mr. Ansari’s personality.

“Shafiq sahab had a dauntless character with a metal to fight injustice. He was very kind hearted. He worked throughout his life for the good of the poor, downtrodden, needy and the underprivileged” he said.

On the occasion Tasleem Ahmad, Chairman, Municipal Board, Najibabad, informed the audience that a road will be named after late Shafiq Ahmad Ansari.

The seminar was organized by Shafiq Ahmad Ansari Memorial Trust.



Shafiq Ahmad Ansari Memorial Trust

Shafiq Ahmad Ansari Memorial Trust organized a seminar on the legacy of Shafiq Ahmad Ansari in commemoration of his 84th Birth Anniversary on 18th September 2010 in Qasmia Inter College,Najibabad. The seminar included for discussion as many important aspects of the contributions to Society made by Shafiq Ahmad Ansari as could be accommodated within the time frame. The main objective of holding this seminar was to seek appraisal of the legacy of shafiq Ahmad Ansari. The participants, therefore, included both his admirers and his critics. The active role of some eminent elders who worked with him imparted a rare richness to the Seminar proceedings conducted by the undersigned, Naushad Ansari, General Secretary, Shafiq Ahmad Memorial Trust, Najibabad. The Seminar was presided over by the Chief Shahar Qazi and a senior alig, Mohtram Qazi Azhrul Haque Sahab. The Chief Guest was Mr Tasleem Ahmad, Chairman, Municipal Board, Najibabad. The Seminar began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Janab Atique Sahab. The welcome address was given by Janab Aijazul Hasan Zaidi Sahab, the former Principal, Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim Memorial Inter College, Nehtaur. In a well conceived, close fitting address, Janab Zaidi sahib said, two types of people are born on this earth. The first kind relates to those who are selfish, self centered and they can’t see beyond their own interests. They have no sympathies and concerns for the needs of the people. The second type belongs to those who have the hearts which can be identified with the miseries and difficulties of the people. They make great sacrifices for the cause of fighting evils and injustices in the society for the benefit of the people. Shafiq Ahmad Ansari belonged to the second category of people. Mr. Harpal Singh, a former DGC, Bijnor shed light on the various aspects of the life of Shafiq Ahmad Ansari and said, he rose to become DGC on his recommendations only. Shafiq sahab had a dauntless character with a mettle to fight injustice that later earned him eminence in the society. He was was very kind at his heart and worked all his life for the good of the poor, downtrodden, needy and the underprivileged. Mr. Nafees Ahmad Qureshi, an advocate spoke on the manners, culture and attraction of the personality of Shafiq Ahmad Ansari. He said, he happened to visit various judges and District Authorities with him. They all used to receive him with warmth and listened to him with rapt attention. Such was the grace of his attitude embedded in his personality.

Comrade Ram pal Singh focused on the life of Shafiq Sahab and said, marhoom carved out his way firmly to be among the people at the apex of the society, but not even once, he tried to stretch out of his roots. Mr. Om Parkash Akela proposed that a statue of Shafiq Ahmad Ansari be installed at the crossing of Qasmia Inter College which was founded and nourished by marhoom. Also, he put up a proposal to the Chairman of Najibabad to name the said crossing after him. Janab Sharif Ahmad Qureshi, urf neta ji highlighted the secular aspect of the life of marhoom and said, how in the history of Independent India, not a single communal riot took place in Najibabad. It was all due to the farsightedness of marhoom who used to intervene effectively if there was any such possibility. He recalled and narrated one incident of Holi when the police in-charge, Najibabad Mr. Thapa tried to vitiate the atmosphere by initiating action against muslims, though the provocation was sparked by the other side. Marhoom Shafiq sahab immediately sensed the motive and contributed to establish peace with the mutual agreement of both the parties. After this unhappy incident, the said in-charge police was transferred from Najibabad on the recommendations of marhoom. He continued to say that it was the personal influence of Ansari sahab that Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India came to visit Najibabad during the campaign of the assembly election of marhoom in the year 1969. Mr. Moazzam Khan, an advocate and a senior alig strongly illuminated saying it was Shafiq Sahab who came to my help after the death of my father. He consoled me and myr family members in a fatherly manner.When our family was about to disintegrate, he came forward and reunited us. He further said, Shafiq Sahab faced the life boldly and did not run away from the conflict. A good knowledge of law was another peculiarity of marhoom. He contested and won many civil as well as criminal cases in the court of law in the interest of public. All this meant threat to his life from the criminals but he did not succumb to such threats. Arif Mohammed Khan, an advocate and a senior alig in a well meaning address spoke at length on the life of Ansari Sahab and said, a prudent social worker, that he was, presidented the U.P. State Momin Conference and was the binding force as a founder and Manager for the all round development of Qasmia Inter College, Najibabad. He may not have been the holder of a University degree, but knowledge had acquainted him all through his life. He referred in his speech Mohammad Mukarram Khan, a senior alig and an associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dehradun who wrote an article on Shafiq Sahab soon after his death. That article constitutes a part of the book on his life, entitled, Charagh-e-Najiababad. Mr Mohammad Mukarram Khan writes in his article like he heard a sher of Hayat Ali which is reproduced as under:

Jin se mil kar zindagi se ishq ho jaye who log
Aap ne dekhe na ho shayad, magar eise bhi hein

He says, he did not understand the meaning of this sher, but after meeting Shafiq Sahab, he realized that it is the people like him only for whom this sher has been composed of.

Mr. Arif Mohd Khan also said, this two hour or three hours time period is insufficient to discuss the personality of Shafiq Sahab. It needs days together to describe his legacies.

Qari Shamsudding Sahab described his association with marhoom and recalled various incidents of his life which are worth remembering for the new generation to come.

Mr Zahid Pawar also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the social contribution activities of Ansari Sahab.

Mr. Shahbaz Makhfi recited a poem composed by Syed Musharraf Husain Mahzar on the life of marhoom in tarannum. The poem was entitled,’ aah ea meamar-e-millat’. The qita of the poem liked by the audience is reproduced hereunder:

Pak sirat pak teenat pak khaslat pak dil
Tere ghum mein khasta tan hun sokhta jan chak-o-dil
Tere ausaf-e-hamida kaise ho jaye raqam
Har taraf he saya afgan tere altaf-o-karam

The Chief Guest of the event, the Chairman, Najiababad Mr. Tasleem Ahmad briefed the audience about the resolution passed unanimously by the Municipal Board of Najibabad to the effect of naming a road from Muslim musafirkhana (Railway Station) to his birthplace Harsowara as Shafiq Ahmad Ansari Road. He asked the functionaries of the Shafiq Ahmad Memorial Trust to extend some financial help to the poor widows and other needy people of Najibabad. On the call of the Chief Guest, the undersigned in the capacity of the General Secretary of the Trust signed a cheque amounting rupees one lakh to be handed over to him and requested him to distribute this money on his own by identifying the needy people of Najibabad. The undersigned was also asked by the staff of Qasmia Inter College to provide rupees 11000/= for the fees and dresses of the needy students. He agreed to sanction the said amount from the Trust fund. He was also approached by the same staff to build a room for accommodating additional student s in the college. The undersigned agreed to this proposal also. He announced that an amount of rupees one lakh shall be given to the college for the construction of the said room.

The undersigned while conducting the proceedings highlighted the association of his father with the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He narrated an incident wherein some serious crisis took place in the Sir Syed Hall of the University. Captain Iftekhar Sahab being the provost of the Hall asked his father to help resolve the crisis. His father did it in a meticulous way. Captain Iftekhar after the resolution of the crisis applauded the role of his father and issued a letter of appreciation which was later on published in the university gazette under the vice chancellorship of Syed Hamid Sahab. The whole detail of this crisis is described by the undersigned in a book, Charagh-e-Najibabad under the chapter, ‘ mere abba’ at page no.78.

Mohtram Janab Qazi Azharul haque Sahab, the Chief Shahar Qazi and a senior alig under whose presidentship the proceedings of the Seminar were conducted giving his presidential address recalled his association with marhoom and said, Ansari Sahab as the president of the Eidgah Committee and I as the Imam of Eid prayers used to be called by the District Authorities. They reposed faith in Ansari Sahab and rest assured for the peace and harmony on such sensitive occasions. He continued to say, Ansari Sahab always gave patient hearing to his opponents. He used to say, even if we are convinced about our viewpoint, we should remain open to the suggestions of others. He always tried to work for the unity of the people despite differences among them.

Many others present in the Seminar who could not find opportunity to express their feelings due to the limitations of timeframe suggested that the membership of Shafiq Ahmad Ansari Memorial Trust be opened to the general residents of Najiababad and next time the people and the Municipal Board of Najiababad should take initiative to hold such Seminar in future in the central place of the city. Mr Khalid Aqeel, President of the Jamat-e-Islami (Najibabad Unit), Mr Sajid Hussain, Secretry, U.P. Congress Committee, Mr Mehtab Ahmad, Principal, Qasmia Inter College, Hafiz Aftab, life member of Qasmia Inter college, Aftab Nomani, Urdu Journalist , Dawood Qureshi and many other members of the Municipal Board of Najiababad were amongst others present in the Seminar.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, some people could not make it to attend the Seminar. They sent their messages through internet, phones and messengers. Mr Ali Anwar Ansari, a member of parliament in his message congratulated the Municipal Board of Najibabad and in particular its Chairman, Mr Tasleem Ahmad to have named a prominent road in Najibabad after Shafiq Ahmad Ansari. Mr karanti Kumar, a former minister of cabinet, U.P. said in his message, the Municipal Board of Najibabad deserves applaud for taking the rightful step. This is the best tribute to remember such a dedicated social worker and political leader for whom Najibabad should feel proud of .

Janab Sekhawat Hussain Khan, an advocate who has been closely associated with marhoom throughout his social and political career was pained at not attending this Seminar due to his ill health. However, he sent a message through his son Mr Sohail Khan and a sher written by him in the memory of marhoom. It is read as under:

Wo waqt se pahle sukh gaya, mosam ki aankh micholi thi
Jis phool ne khil kar aangan mein, mehkar fiza mein gholi thi.

A message from Laiq Ahmad Ansari was received and it was read in the Seminar. Mr. Ikram Ansari, an editor of Najib Tiems also sent a message and regretted his absence due to delay of his flight from China. However, in his message, he congratulated the Chairman and members of the Municipal Board of Najibabad for preserving the memories of Shafiq Ahamd Ansari in the form of a prominent road in Najibabad after his name. He wished the Seminar a great success.

Mr Shahzad Ahmad Ansari proposed a vote of thanks and sincerely recorded his indebtedness for the audience, participants and the speakers to have made the Seminar a memorable event. He later on invited everybody to the dinner and appealed to all present in the Seminar to make special dua-e-maghferat for his father marhoom wo maghfoor, Shafiq Ahmad Ansari.

Note: The clippings of the news papers and the press note are attached herewith.


Naushad Ansari,

General Secretary,

Shafiq Ahmad Ansari Memorial Trust,