The genesis of this trust cannot be traced to a single event or idea. Its inception is grounded in a rather unassuming story. When Mr. Shafiq Ahmad Ansari was still alive, both his sons Mr. Naushad and Mr. Shahzad used to send him a certain amount of money from their respective salaries so that he would be able to meet the expenditure incurred in his various philanthropic activities. Committed as he was to the cause of social welfare, his sons supported their father to carry out his work despite his dwindling individual income in the last leg of his life. This continued for several years. His sudden death in December, 2001, left the two sons crestfallen and deeply aggrieved. Their misery got exacerbated by the fact that they could no longer derive the satisfaction that they used to from sending a constant amount of money to their father for the help of the poor and hospitality of his guests (page -81, Chiragh-e-Najibabad, authored by Naushad Ansari and Shahzad Ansari, Educational Publishing House, Delhi, 2010). It was at this juncture that the idea of an organization in the name of their beloved father, which could carry forward his legacy to help people in need, got implanted in their minds. From this point onwards both the sons started saving the same amount that they used to send their father separately at one place for continuing his unfinished philanthropic work. A charitable trust in the memory of their father late Shafiq Ahmad Ansari was thought to be the ideal choice which would subsume his disparate activities in the field of social work. Having also learnt not to resign anything to fate from their father, Naushad Ansari and Shahzad Ansari, within few years from their father’s demise, started finalizing the formalities and later got the Shafiq Ahmad Ansari Memorial Trust registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

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